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Midway Animal Hospital Services

Veterinary Services in St. Paul

Our clinic is computerized and well equipped for radiology, anesthesia, surgery, dentistry, hospitalization, pain management and in – house laboratory testing.


Nutritional counseling/Diet choices – what our pets eat and how much they eat plays an important role in their overall health. We will discuss the best food options for your pet’s needs and if necessary, we offer a large selection of prescription diets.

Pharmacy – for your convenience, we carry most prescription and over-the-counter medications at our hospital including joint medications/supplements and flea/tick and heartworm preventatives. We price our prescription medications competitively with popular internet pharmacies. Please fell free to call us for price quotes.

Dermatology – Considering that the skin is our largest organ, skin problems can cause a great deal of discomfort for your pet. Diseases of the skin are one of the most common medical problems that we see. Dr.’s Nolte and Kelley can help you address all types of dermatologic conditions including ear infections, allergies, parasites, and immune-mediated diseases. We also carry a wide selection of medicated shampoos and hypoallergenic foods as well as fatty acid supplements.

Microchipping – We recommend microchips for all pets. This permanent form of identification can be a critical tool if your pet gets lost. We use the AKC ISO standard chip and a onetime fee covers implantation and lifetime registration.

Ultrasound – This very important diagnostic tool can be performed at Midway Animal Hospital by a certified specialist. An ultrasound can be a critical tool in the diagnosis and management of many illnesses.


Dr. Nolte performs most surgeries from routine spays and neuters to more involved soft tissues procedures. Just like in a human hospital, animals are prepared in a sterile manner and the surgeon operates wearing a gown, cap, mask and gloves in a fully outfitted surgical suite. During procedures requiring anesthesia, our technicians and doctors continuously monitor all of the patient’s vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, blood oxygenation, respiration, and temperature. Because we are strong advocates for pain control, we provide analgesics (pain control) for all of our surgery patients. We also offer the option of having more involved orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries performed in our clinic by a board-certified surgeon. 

Dental Care

Quality dental care increases quality of life. A healthy mouth starts with a nutritious diet and home dental care including brushing as well as routine cleanings at our clinic. The process of cleaning your pet’s teeth is similar to a cleaning that you would have done. To allow us to do a thorough cleaning and for your pets safety, general anesthesia is needed. To ensure a safe anesthetic episode, we require a comprehensive physical exam and blood work prior to the procedure. We also have the capability of taking digital x-rays of your pet's teeth if necessary.


We only offer limited boarding for client’s cats.


We do not do routine grooming, but can provide a list of pet groomers in the area.

End of Life

Our commitment to your pet extends to this often difficult time. We will provide guidance and support during the decision making process and will make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during the process.

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